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The "Window" on the Window trail

Window view


The Door Trail

Views from the door trail

The cliff hike-300 stairs

Halfway up and the top is in sight

The parking lot is at the base of the formation in the...

Morning at Big Baldlands Overlook


Big Badlands overlook in the PM


Morning light from cliff shelf

Same area at sunset

Still at cliff shelf


Morning at the Visitor Center and Cedar Lodge


Sunset at Visitors Center and Cedar Lodge



Today was hiking day. We did the windows trail, the door trail, and cliff shelf. None was very long-45 mins was the longest one. Windows and Door took you into the formations to overlooks. The door trail takes you to a "door" into the area and you can continue down into the floor of the desert in which case it is about an added mile or so to your hike-but there are all kinds of warnings-watch for drop offs and proceed at your own risk and the obligatory-watch out for rattlesnakes. The rattlesnake warning is at almost every place you can get out of your car. The window trail takes you to a "window" in the rock wall.

The cliff shelf is a shelf on a cliff. There are stairs most of the way so not too dangerous. Lots of stairs though. The view was great-once we got to the top. apparently there are slumps and humps. The slumps are when the rock that doesn't erode well collapses-a rock slide when al the softer rock washes away I guess. Anyway it makes an area where vegetaion can take root and grow so there were pine trees, grsses, flowers, cacti, and grasses on this section of the slope.

We took morning light pics on the way thru the park today after the hiking, and ended up in Wall, SD. We felt obligated to go to Wall Drug. they have almost anything you might need (supposedly), a restaurant, a cafe/counter restaurant, and a dinosaur. They had some very nice stuff and lots of tourist tacky stuff.

We went out and took evening light pics around 7pm. We lucked into the right two days to be here. The day before we arrived there was a hugh hail storm. Baseball size hail and lots of campers and cars were damaged. Tomorrow it will be 102 degrees. (It was 86 today)

We leave for rapid city which is only 75 miles.

I'll add pictures of today later.

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