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The Economy Beach Hut

Our beach for 11 days..

What a sunset and every night!

Just the two of us

The Luxury Beach hut

They just couldn't pronounce our names

Lunch darling?

What a view!

I'm not getting on with you driving that.!

Shawn & Lane celebrate our survival of diving!

The High Street of Hat Kai Bae

You sure you want to touch those!!

Palm tree..really

Porn, really nice nuts there!

I'll do it in a minute..

The Beach


Just got drenched leaving the island

Hooray we made it to the beach.

After 'One night in Bangkok' we decided enough was enough, we just had to head for a beach, but being in Thailand where do you go.

Well we had never heard of Koh Chang, so seemed like the obvious choice..don't know anything about it let alone where it was...but the travel agent sold tickets there, so lets go!

So off we went the next morning onto the VIP bus which means it has aircon and a toilet..bit like National Express..but nicely painted, 7 hours later we arrived at the pier to get the ferry to Koh Chang.

Here the fun begins with a shared taxi to a beach..which one, well I don't know where do you want to go..that sort of conversation. Anyway we decided on Hat Kai Bae, didn't look too commercialised, so we go dropped at the edge of the dusty road and hmm.. where to Batman?

Down this track must be the sea with the lovely beach huts off we trot backpacks aboard in 35degrees heat around 4pm and reached the beach. So of course we decide to walk the entire length of this beach around 1.5km in the heat, on the sand, with our backpacks on.! Great move.

Eventually we came across the Porn Bungalows (excuse the pun there, couldn't resist!)I had a beer and sent Tracey off to investigate. Well for 250Bhat a night we could have a hut with a bed, hooray, oh and a fan, so there we stayed for the night.

You will be pleased to hear that the next day our fortunes turned and we went looking for something a little more Craig & Tracey, those of you who know our standards will understand that. So off we trot back down to the beach into all the bungalow operations to see what had what and how much.

Eventually finding KB Bungalows, very nice and 3 times the price, but well worth it. Here endeth the arrival story.! Phew.

So all that's left to say is that our intentions of staying for a few days lasted for 11 nights, don't know what we did all that time, but a brief rundown would be and the highlight is finishing our PADI Open Water Divers course, we celebrated that night with our newly found Canadian Buddies Shawn & Lane..up all night until no more bars open and had drunk enough Beer and Thai rum to sink us the next day.

The beach was wonderful and the island, bits that we saw was lovely..pure and unadulterated relaxation.

I will let the piccies do the rest of the talking..


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