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No sign of the Hoff





Whatever happened to the Lighthouse Family?




Typical Art-Deco Hotel

Just for Paul



Scrabble Face (Kinda like Poker Face but more wordy)

Don´t think they serve these in Wetherspoons

Reminds me of Ghostbusters

We said good bye to the Schumachers and Elizabeth on Sunday 20th and headed off to Miami which we absolutely loved! Accompanied by the ringing in our ears of Will Smith and the Lighthouse family (´Ocean Drive´) we made the most of the gorgeous and half empty beaches, blazing sunshine and great bars and restaurants. Our nod to culture was a walking tour of the key art deco buildings, including the most stylish retro post office I´ve ever sent a kitsch flamingo paperweight from.

After a quick stop off in Colombia we arrived in Lima, Peru in the early hours of Thursday (24th) which is where we are now. Quite a shock to the system after sweltering Houston and Miami but interesting nonetheless. We pick up our organised trip on Sunday and will be heading into the jungle to do an Amazon canoe safari, before slipping on our hiking boots for the Inca Trail-eek! Will do a Peru update in a week or so.

Adios for now


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