Route of the Maya travel blog

Good bye to Lake Atitl'n

The long road to Antigue

Lunch Time

Coffee at the macadamia orchard

Facial with macadamia oil

Catedral on Plaza Central, La Antigua

Plaza Central




Our Schoo. visit




















Walking home to lunch

At home for lunch



Ounce a teacher aways a teacher

One of the hostes

One of the familys that invited us in to their homes

Back to the bus

A good time was had by all


Stop at textile museum and back strip loum

Foot loum

At our hotel

Breakfast time at our hotel Los Pasos

Hotel Los Pasos


We hated to say goodbye to Panajachel and Lake Atetlan but off we went to Antigua. On the way we stopped at a Macadamia Nut plantation owned by an ex fireman from Los Angles. He has worked hard to introduce the product into Guatemala that could give the Maya an income. He appeared to be very dogmatic about many things but when pressed knew what he was expounding. The environment was first. Then on to Antigua, La Antigua Guatemala (commonly referred to as just Antigua or La Antigua) is a city in the central highlands of Guatemala famous for its well-preserved Spanish Mude’jor-influenced[1] Baroqre architecture as well as a number of spectacular ruins of colonial churches. After a short walking tour we dispersed to find our own dinner and then to bed. We awoke to a day full of the unthought-ofs. The first extraordinary event was a visit to an outlaying school. We visited the kindergarten and the children sole our hearts. They knew we were coming and dressed in native attar. They sang songs, danced, and put on a play depicting a day in the life of a Mayan family. They were outstanding. Then we all danced together. We found them to be very excepting, enjoying holding our hands and leading us this way and that. What lovely Children. We were then invited in to their homes for lunch. One more time OTS gets use immersed in the lives of the local people. They have arranged ahead of time and have instructed them in health and sanitation. But expect them to be themselves. It was both hart warming and trebling to visit their homes? Compared to what we have they are poor, compared to how we often behave they have a big harts. We all came away with a new apparition of it is not what you have but what you are. And some of these people or top notch. On the way back to the hotel we first stopped at a village that specializes in leather. Handmade cowboy boots for less than $50.00. We could watch them design and cut the lather be for sewing them. Then on to an upscale jade factory. Before we got to buy we were given a history lesson into Mayan Jade. It was cut and polished before the time of Christ without iron tools. Some of their work was exquisite. We all wanted to buy more than we could afford and some did. Then on to the textile museum and reality. Some of the intricate pieces of woven work take weeks or months to make and they get so little out of it. For a hundred hours of work they often get less than a Hundred US dollars. It was a lot more than most of was willing to pay but a lot less than we felt we should pay. We ended the day searching for places to eat on our own which was not hard to do with so many fine restaurants close by.

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