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Forbidden City

Tianamen Square group

Tianamen Square

Beijing and Tiananmen Square

What a day!

We’d been lulled into a false sense of relaxation by a 9am start.

We started with the Forbidden City. Its absolutely magnificent and getting the history behind it all was fascinating.

Cities within cities. Concubines, eunuchs, murders/assassinations, assignations, intrigues. The symbolism of each thing, colours, animals, placement... feng shui. Very fascinating..

Will have to read up when I get home. The only down side was the heat. It was so hot... So many people... but my god... I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

Lunch... guess what we had? Yup, you guessed it... AFB.

Then... Tiananmen square... We couldn’t believe we were there... was an unreal feeling to be in that place where such good and terrible things have happened. David was a bit overcome. It is huge. It was filled with floats/displays from each different region. And the most enormous display made to look like a basket of flowers. Must have cost a small... I mean large fortune.

We were so hot... we walked around there for more than 1 hour. We had sweat running down our backs into our knickers. Nice!!!

Eventually we had a couple of hours off for good behaviour and then out to dinner.

Guess what we had? NAFB!!!

Lastly we went to the KungFu ‘spectacular’. Apparently there is really no such thing as kung fu as a martial art... it was made up by Bruce Lee for Hollywood.

It was a bit like Bruce Lee does Cirque de Soleil. It was a story wih lots od martial arts moves and feats... eg: a man being supported by the pointy end of 3 spears.Was so loud, so colourful, and lots of movement, but still Helen and I managed a small nap.. Quite an expensive nap really!!!

We were absolutely shagged at the start of it... it had been so hot - and even more tired at the end of it. We were in bed by 10pm...

Oh did I forget to mention that we leave at 7am tomorrow for the great wall?

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