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Halley's Beach

Halley's Beach

Halley's Beach

Cape Bauer

We picked up a few hitchhikers


Sunrise over Streaky Bay

Streaky Bay


Sea lion colony




Well we have just spent the last 2 days in beautiful Streaky Bay. This is a lovely little town about 110 kms south of Ceduna and we have a lovely spot overlooking the Bay. Yesterday we went for a drive out to Cape Bauer – first stop was at Hally’s Beach – absolutely stunning! The water is so crystal clear, big waves crashing and lots of rocks to clamber over. We had to drag ourselves away from here it was just so beautiful. Drove further along the gravel road (poor old Bessie!) to the blowholes and how awesome were they? We could here a bit of a noise, which we tried to track down until Ken called out. He had found a round hole in the rocks about 6 inches in diameter, which went down, down, down through the rocks. All of a sudden there was a roar as the wind came rushing up through that hole and a multitude of much smaller holes all around him that he hadn’t noticed and strong gusts of wind came whooshing out. It was so strong and so unexpected it gave him a huge fright (I won’t type what he said!!). It was then my turn and it was hilarious as one minute I was calmly standing there and the next my hair was blowing vertically sky wards. We stayed here playing for a while with these as they were such a hoot! There were also supposed to be some whistling rocks at the same site but we couldn’t find those.

Today I started the day by taking my chair, coffee and camera onto the beach and enjoyed the magnificent sunrise – the start to another glorious day. Ken then washed the car getting rid of all the red dirt till she was gleaming once again whilst I prepared a beef stew to go in the thermal cooker. We then headed off to Point Labat – 55 kilometers of dirt, gravel, corrugated roads – so much for Bessie’s car wash! Just as we were beginning to think we were on a never-ending road we finally arrived – and it was well worth the drive. We had reached a viewing platform high up on the cliffs which looked directly down onto what is the only know mainland breeding colony of Australian sea lions. There were about 50 of them lazing on the sand enjoying the warmth of the sun. We dragged up our chairs armed with binoculars and camera and spent about an hour and a half watching these intriguing creatures as they frolicked in the water, lazed on the sand, exercised their rights as the dominant males, and watched babies nuzzling into their mothers and quenching their thirst. What a privilege.

Back on the road again, continuing along the loop until we finally reached bitumen again and Murphy’s Haystacks. These are huge, ancient granite rocks said to be over 1,500 million years old. They were just beautiful – each one very different from the next. As Ken said it is hard to believe the power of the wind and to think that even while we were standing there they were still being shaped.

Once back into Streaky Bay we went in search of the Oyster Shed where we had been told we could purchase fresh oysters. Oyster farming is one of the main industries in Streaky Bay with their produce being flown all over the world. I had never had oysters before so thought this was the place to remedy that. At the Shed we were instructed on how to open them ready for eating so armed with our dozen (fresh out of the water 2 hours ago and priced at $7.50 for the biggest ones they had!) we headed back to the caravan. Well – what a laugh! Do you think we could open them? We did finally succeed but it was very hard work. I then arranged them on a platter, took a photo, squeezed on a little lemon juice and ……. YUCK! They were awful! I mean if you love oysters they would have been beautiful but both of us could not deal with the saltiness of them. And so we now have some best buddies in our next-door caravaners as they scored the rest of them!

PS - having trouble uploading some of our photos as they are too big for the site. Will put them on my facebook page if you are interested in having a look at them :)

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