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Hi guys

Quick confession first, Claire and I have tried written 2 huge essays on Chiang Mai three times, all of which have crashed, loosing them all which has been a real pain, so im going to try and memorize what we have written!

Chiang Mai is by far one of the best places i have ever been ( im sure Claire will agree with me aswell) it was just brilliant, very relaxed ( although all of thailand is to be honest) friendly, cheap, fun and just generally unique. we were surposed to stay there a couple of days, and we ended up staying about a week and a half maybe 2 weeks.

We did a whole lot of things there two, cookery ( i think we have told you about that?!) trecking, back massacre massage, tigers snugling and of coarse spicy Thai backpackers ( the best hostel in Southeast Asia!)

So where to begin???

Spcy Thai Backpackers was quite literally a home away from home, people our own age hanging about, it was clean comfitable and Noom the owner was very hospitable, the only problem is that came with a price ( although it be honest it was only 10 pounds from both of us in a dorm- not much in England but very high over here) we did alot of stuff, One day Noom asked us if we wanted to go to the lake, we accepted and an hour later we got there, it was a massive lake ( obviously) with a shore, mountains to one side and little huts where you eat and relax. me being me played around in the water, trying to figure out how to throw an Amweican Football correctly, and claire being claire tried to catch the rays with some other girls, ( didn't work HA!)

We went to a cookery school, our chef was called Perm, the most excentric thai man you'll every meet, laughed at his own jokes constantly and kept saying ' as you are my special group i shall show youhow to make this' etc. etc. we made an array of dishes, id like to say im prity much a pro now when it comes to soups( there really really hard to make!), but sharron and Si don't expect to be getting anythin off claire! ( im aload to say all of this because she has gone back to the room as she is feeling abit poorely)

Before our trek we went elephant riding which was a mixed feeling, at first we felt a litle bad as morals kicked in,but then when after a while that went away as ours seemed happy. we could tell this because the greedy bastard ate about 40 bannanas in the space of 30 mins. it would walk about 6 steps and in return she would put her trunk up so you could give her a banana. very cute!!

We then went treking, that was an experience, our lungs and legs have had a whole new perspective of pain, the first day we walked up mount everest ( basically) visting a few waterfalls on the way, we then stayed with a hill tribe called the white Koren, unfortuatlly i have been watching way to many tribe programs, i thought it was going to be really exciting but it was basically just a bunch of thai people who hadn't brushed their teethes in a while sitting around with their dogs ( they have been really urbanised since tourism began 20 years back) i thought it would be the oposite, but o well our lungs and legs were allowed to recover.

We then set off on another painfull trek, the giude told us it wasnt going to be as bad, he was right, it was AS bad but iit was still bloody bad, our lungs were on the verge of pissin off by the time we got the the other 'remote' hill tribe for lunch. In Tahiland they have an amazing saying to descibe most things:- same same but differant. thats the best way to describe that tribe.

We then took another trek ( by which time our lungs just gave up and offloaded the pressure to the legs) to our jungle hut which was cool, it was situated right next to a waterfall. we stayed up for most of the night playing cards, chatting and getting burnt by the fire we made.

The final day we went on a bamboo raft which was pritty cool, highlight of that was we were in two groups, the other group buggered off quickly as we were tying to get on the dam thing, when we finally got on it, it bloddy SANK, so we had to abandon ship and wait for reinforcments!

We then went back to Chiang Mai, where Claire went to a tiger Sanctuary, he hasnt told me much about it, other than the cuteness of them, i think the tigers are all under the age of 1, when they get older they get sold to sancturies and zoos - what a life!- as they can get agressive. if you swould like to see more pics of her with them go on her facebook, Edd has uploaded alot of them.

Whilst Claire was having fun stroking the big Marbles ( thats Claire cat mum and dad) i had a traditional tahi massage, ive been looking forward to one for like a month and im scared to have another one! It was the most painfull experience my shoulder and back has been through, it still hurts now and that was like 4 days ago!!!

Anyway its time to wake up again now, i nearly drifted off with this massive essay!

as far as im aware we are all up to date now, Kanchanaburi will be uploaded later!!

Nick and Claire


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