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Pictures will have to say it all for now.


So, getting to Milford Sound was possibly the greatest drive in world through a valley with high peaks and rain forest all around. We saw the only species of mountain parrots in the world that seem to be like pigeons out here and will try to eat anything in site, even your car. We took a half day kyaking trip on the sound which was amazing being at sea level and looking up at shear-cliff peaks over mile high (Really makes it look like Denver is not that impressive being the mile high city). We actually saw some penguins in the wild with yellow mohawks and went swimming in the incredibally cold water.

In Maori lore the evil god (don't know the name) saw this place and marvelled at it's beauty. Not wanting it to be ruined by humans he placed thousands upon thousands of sand flys to keep people away and preserve the beauty. The only draw back to Milford is that he did overdo the sand fly population. Here for one night then moving on...

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