Eke and Brian are Costa Rica Dreamin' - April 2008 travel blog

Loading the van for the trip to the bus terminal

Squished in. Brian, Richard,Kim,Charlotte,Eke,Howard,Julie,Ron.

Bus terminal in San Jose

Whew! It's HOT HOT HOT in Puerto Viejo

Cooling off on a walk on the beach.

Nice eh?

More Nice Eh?

Poison Dart Frog

Hello Everyone,

Thanks Pat and Glenn for your emails. It takes too much time to respond to them individually so I do it this way.

Glenn, Brian has been ¨resting¨ today on the bus to Puerto Viejo!. Pat, if you see Elaine, tell her to have a great time!

We are enjoying our trip so far! This morning we woke up rather early and I had the urge to go for a walk! Well, guess what at 6.30am it is rushhour in San Jose! People start work at 7am and schools also start at 7am. Lots of people on the streets. I felt very safe that way and did not get lost. The streets are either called Avenidas or Calles and have numbers, not names. Our hotel is on Avenida 9, between Calles 5 and 7. There is also no mail delivery in San Jose because there are no street addresses.

We had a nice breakfast in the garden of the hotel when it started - guess what?! - to rain!

We left San Jose at 10am on the public bus. it was full and some people had to stand. They gave the expression to have an aisle seat a whole new meaning as they sat down on the floor in the aisle of the bus.

Just outside of the city when we climbed up into the cloudforest the rain really hit and we drove through the clouds literally!

This route 32 is a very busy route accross Costa Rica and lots of big trucks on the road!

It is the only link between San Jose and Limon, the major port of Costa Rica.

We arrived in Limon at 1.15pm, stopped there, had something to drink and eat and a bathroom break. The lineup at the ladies was of course a mile long, so I joined Brian in the men´s. After that more women chose to do that! Them men did not seem to mind!

Limon is the largest harbour town of Costa Rica. We saw lots of terminals with huge ship containers

The last 5km to Puerto Viejo was gravel road with lots of large potholes! It slowed us down quite a bit. Puerto Viejo is a real tourist place with some nice beaches. Lots of young people here to enjoy watersports like surfing. It is also a place for older hippies and wannabe hippies.

The Carribbean Sea is warm and the waves are high. Later in the afternoon when we all were settled in our respective small bungalows, Brian and I went for a walk on the beach and ended up playing in the high waves. It was very relaxing and we feel very privileged to walk and along the beach here and just play!

Our bungalow faces the ocean so we have waterfront accommodations.

As a group we had dinner together tonight with very good food and we are enjoying the warm weather - walking in shorts and t-shirt at 9.45pm and still feeling warm.

Tomorrow morning we are going for a guided junglehike. We hope the weather stays this nice!

Goodnight and until the next time!

Eke and Brian.

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