Claes Johansson Asia 2008 travel blog

My room at Rajah Mansion.

The Bus stop. A favorite restaurant.

The Night Bazaar

Celebrations of the Chinese New Year.

The temple of dawn. Wat Arun.

Traffic on the river.

View from Riverview Guesthouse

More from Riverview GH

More from Riverview GH

More from Riverview GH

More from Riverview GH

The Grand Palace from outside

Very much gold

More from Grand Palace

More from Grand Palace

More from Grand Palace

More from Grand Palace

The temple with blue roof is Wat Phra Keo, which include the...

The Grand Palace from a distance and with a very dark sky....

Bangkok canal - This is Klong Mon

More from Klong Mon

Crocodile in my eyes, but I was told that was only a...

Looking inside to someones home.

2 February

Traveling day, left Krabi in the morning. Arrived to Bkk Souvarnabhumi at noon. Same hasle with touts again about further transport into Bangkok. Now I have received my room at the Rajah Mansion. This room will be my home until the end of April.

3 February

After a rainy morning which excluded any longer ercursions. In the afternoon, after that the weather became better, I spended two hours at the hotel swimming pool. Freezing cold water. Maybe it is good, because the weather service forsees that the hot season coming early this year. They expect temperatures around 40 degrees before the end of this month.

4 February

A rainy day. A light rain fell over Bangkok almost the whole day. Only indoor activities, like visits at a couple shopping centers.

5 February

Visit the Night Bazaar. Not only a market, it is also an eating and drinking area. Rather pleasant.

6 February

Another day along the Chao Phrya river area.

7 February

Visited the Grand Palace. It gave me a feeling that I was inside in a fairy tale story. Much gold and many imaginative figures, statues and buildings. Shortly after the palace visit, the rain came.

8-10 February

Stayed mostly in the Sukhumvit area. Daytime I spended some time around the swimming pool to catch some tan. Weekends means also a lot of football watching. I saw some games in different sport bars.

11-12 February

Due to some sunburn, I have to be a little bit careful. Stayed away from the sunshine so much as posible, only visit some travel agents in the near neighbourhood, for info about further trips. At the evenings I tried to figure out, which beer are the best Chang, Singha or Tiger beer.

13 February

Tour on Bangkok's canals. To travel on the water-ways gives a completely different picture of Bangkok. The tour included visits to an orchid farm, fish farm and a small zoo, with a snake show. Unfortunately it don't became so many photos, because my camera run out of memory space.

(Photos from Grand Palace and the canaltrip comes later)

more to come


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