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Dover is a port town where you can catch a ferry to France but I think is probably more famous for its white cliffs. The castle sits high above the water and offers incredible views of the town below and the English Channel beyond.

Underneath the castle lies secret wartime tunnels, which we saw on a guided tour. I guess they are not such a big secret anymore.

The first level of tunnels was built when the Brits thought Napoleon was going to invade. He never arrived there but they made good use of the tunnels during the Second World War and added a hospital ward above the original level. They ran secret headquarters from deep within the chalky white cliffs and brought injured soldiers there for surgeries. Though the Nazis did bomb the shit out of Dover, they left the castle unscathed on Hitler's orders. It seems he thought the castle would make great headquarters once his invasion was successful and ordered his soldiers not to touch it.

As we toured the tunnels I noticed that the surgery ward smelled strongly like a hospital, and maybe it was my imagination but the kitchen had the scent of freshly cooked food. Thankfully I didn't notice any smells as we passed through the toilets. We weren't allowed to take photos in the tunnels for some undisclosed reason but I managed to sneak one off anyway. I was courteous though and didn't use a flash.

Once we finished the excellent tour that lasted 50 minutes, we continued to walk around the castle grounds and through the medieval tunnels then up to the keep. From the top of the keep there are great views and we spotted a location far along the grounds where I could probably get a good shot of the white cliffs. So after visiting the museum we went over to the cliffs and I did manage to get a decent view from there. When we exited the museum, the sun was shining brightly and warmed me up considerably. We strolled along the grounds, taking in the view and the fresh sea air when Gary suggested we have fish and chips for tea. Anne was thinking exactly the same thing and I liked the way they were thinking! So we finished up at the castle and headed back into town. We were seconds from the castle when Anne spotted a fish and chips place, with an empty parking spot right out front. It was meant to be!

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