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Vienna Music Hall

Coffin detail at the Crypt

Famous Spanish Riding School

Vienna... home of Mozart (I think)... a great place to hear live classical music and we went to a concert for 6 euros! Granted we had to watch from behind bars like monkeys, but hey when you are there to listen!

I tried the famous Sacher Torte cake, as it came highly recommended, and I chased it with some excellent coffee... which by the way I am sooooo addicted to now (not that I was immune before mind but well... anyway)... I must be consuming litres of the stuff these days.

I really really tried to send you a cake Mum and Dad... but lets face it you know me. It would of gone something like this....

Me:"hello there cake, you look lovely today"

Cake:"hello there..."

Me:"You seem nice, I'm looking at you alot..."

Cake:"I'm looking at you too..."

....*Lots of longing looks exchanged*...... some blinking.... *more looks*....


Aside from the great cuisine, I visited the famous Spanish Riding School and watched a training session. Amazing what they can teach a horse to do.

There were some tourists there (English)... who were annoyed as the horse's kept doing the same moves...

"Ovar 'n ovaar agin thay kip doin thaaat".. I heard them say.

Well HELLO... it's a training session. English tourists kill me, they really do.

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