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Cologne Tour Bus

Koln Cathedral

McDonald's is even in Medieval Gothic cities

Our authentic German Meal--was yummy...

Moving Roman statue at the Cathedral

Our ride across the Rhine River

Inside the church

Cold, cold bus pick up area

American advertising in Koln, Germany

Inside the Koln Cathedral

Another view of the Koln Cathedral

View across the Rhine River

Today was the epitome of a whirl-wind day. After a few mishaps, including a missed train to The Hague, we made it to the tour bus company with time to spare. A train to Koln would have been much faster but more expensive, plus we would have missed the great country-side of Holland and Germany, if we had not tried so desperately and succeeded in getting on this bus. From The Hague we left to Rotterdam, NL where we picked up an entire high school German class. They were quite lively, as teenagers everywhere are, and kept things interesting.

It took about four hours each way, but it was, again, worth it to see the countryside. It was so beautiful. It was great to see separated homes in Holland, because the cities are full of apartments and row-like homes.

Upon arrival to Koln, we entered the passage located at the Koln Catherdral location. This is the oldest Gothic Catherdral in Northern Europe. Construction on it began in 1248.

We decided to take a 1 & 1/2 hour tour of the city. It was well worth it too.

Funny, I could tell a big difference between Holland and Germany, and I have to be frank...Holland is a much warmer place. Koln still has not recovered from WWII. It feels cold and construction is going on everywhere. The people were less friendly and there were less foreigners than in Holland. Oh well, I still enjoyed it and it's a place I will never forget.

Believe it or not, I am going to be very brief. We started our day at 4:30 am and now it is after midnight. We must begin our day this morning at 5:30 am so we can be en route to Paris. Unfortunately, I did not bring my laptop. If I cannot find an Internet cafe or if the hotel doesn't offer computers, I will not update until Sunday or Monday of next week.

Thanks for reading. Keep us in your prayers.

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