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Thursday 6th September 2007 Weather:-Overcast 10 degrees

(J) We drove from Mannheim to Luzern today criss-crossing the borders at will although when we came to the Swiss border a Eu30 ($49:75) road tax was levied. The scenery started off with flat country still with lots of corn and leek fields but slowly getting a little hilly with lots of different types of forests.

It was impossible to stay close to the River Rhine as the roads skirted it at a distance. We passed through many picturesque hamlets most of whose names ended in 'heim and were delighted with their floral displays. The houses were all two stories with high pitched charcoal coloured roofs, cement rendered on the outside, all painted different shades of pastel. Each village seemed to be prettier than the other; the roundabouts had `full on' landscaped affairs with carts full of flowers etc. The lamp posts wore balls of flowers 2/3rd of the way up, I think that a ball of moss must be attached at height implanted with the various seeds and while blooming they are being kept pruned in the ball shape, on the tops they sprout ornamental grasses while the sides and bottom have geraniums and petunias cascading from them. These arrangements were also adorned on top of fences it looks very effective: no apparent pot just this ball of flowers clutching on to the top of the fence at 10 meter intervals. Every few hundred meters there are also large round pots of about 1:5 meter in diameter, Canna lilies are flowering centre stage, encircled by variegated leaved plants of different heights and brilliantly coloured flowers.

Herman was travelling well and decided we may as well drive on, thereby shortening the distance for tomorrow. Tom-Tom up until now has not missed a beat, even staying on track half way through tunnels, dropping out at the end but picking up the signal 4 seconds after emerging, so we were perturbed to see that it suddenly lost the plot; it placed us driving through fields and could not find out where it was, it was a good thing that we had confidence in ourselves and kept going. At first we thought that an abundance of overhead high voltage power lines had caused the problem but then when we passed a sign that said 'Effenheim Nuclear Station' we wondered if a bit of radio wave jamming was going on, anyway all went well and we got to where we were going.

It was not much later when we spotted the first snow capped mountains in the distance and also little Swiss villages appeared in the valleys as we drove along I tried to take some photos while on the move but do not know yet if they turned out. As we drove along the mountains became more majestic as they seem to shoot straight up into the sky, no easy way up here!!!

At about 4:30 we arrived in Luzern and decided on the Hotel Roessli on the outskirts of town. The name of the suburb is Horw and after a walk around the town we reached the conclusion that drinks and dinner in our hotel was a very good idea. We have lots of time tomorrow to look around as we only have to drive 71kl to our next stop.

That's all. More of 'Bib and Bubs meanderings across the country side' tomorrow

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