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The road to the Park with Rathambore Fort guarding the way

Todays mode of transport is a canter (20-seat truck that frightens away...

A sambar (big deer with big ears)

Spotted deer

Ape-type monkey-type animals

Antelope with spotted deer

Tiger eating buffalo

Tiger eating another bit of buffalo

Oh and its buffalo for dessert

The roads are very dusty...

No tigers on the second day, so here's some scenery

Spotted deer running away from the big noisy canter (truck)

A prize to anyone who spots the crocodile (hint: try the rock...

Wild boar

More scenery

An old hunting lodge

The lesser spotted Sarah


...did we mention that the road is dusty ?

Denis trying to imitate a plastic lamp in the shape of a...

The lesser spotted Sarah retires for the night in her pirate duvet...

Sawai Madhopur is a lot quieter than where we have been to date and we love it !! We are staying in the Hotel Tiger Safari Resort, which has lamps on the wall in the shape of leopards in our room, cool. Photo opportunity ? Anyway we were on a tiger safari within an hour of arriving and thought we were going to leave disappointed. We had seen spotted deer, sambar (very big deer), antelope and apes when just as we were due to leave after 3 hours the truck we were in (called a canter - seats 20) hurtled into the gloom at about 80 kph along dirt tracks until we came across two tigers that were eating their kill - some sort of buffalo. Quality. The photos are blurry but you can just make out a tiger. They ate one at a time including ripping off one of the back legs. Later on Sarah saw another as we were leaving the park. Denis was looking the other way and missed it.

This was a result as it also meant we could sleep in the next day, not do the morning safari and take another afternoon one. This was great as it took a different more scenic route along a river and then up onto the plateau. We didn't see any tigers this day, only tiger tracks even though there had been recent sitings. But we did see crocodile (including one waddling along the river bank before diving into the water) and wild boar.

Tomorrow we are getting the train to Jaipur, Rajasthan's capital. S solid, D imodium.

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