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view from our hostel

outside our front door

even get a swan on our bed!

snorkeling at xel ha

me jane in action!

taking a chill lazy days!

our executive transport round the park

wooh hoo cliff jumping!

jacque custo look out!

feeding time

the beach

our smimming companions

the real macaw!!

hello dudes & dudetts

arrived in plata del carmen for 5 days and must say its alot better here due to been so close to the beach seems a tad cooler as well (coastal winds) and alot more english speaking locals basically its a coastal up and coming holiday town with everything within easy reach.

having alot of lazy time on beach (nice to have a rest).

we went to a snorkal activity park (Xel Ha) down the coast which was awsome they had dolphins, huge fish (some up to 2feet long), sting rays (kept well away),hermit craps (he means crabs!) rope crossings, rope swings, cliff jumping, cave snorkling and all you could eat which James couldnt make the most of due to food poisening the night before (fish) shocker.

at the park you could feed the fish while snorkeling and they went bananas, i took this oppertunity to throw a hand full at jo in the water and as guessed she got mobbed by them all (she was flaping big time, they wasnt shy, very funny to watch)

we also got to hold parrots which was quite scarry when they were nibbling my ear.

thats all really

l james & jo

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