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I'm typing this from a big ( and very nicely decorated, as it happens) storage shed with Rob, our new Israeli frind Tal and one of the best didge-makers in the world. Rob and Tal (who also plays very well and is in the neighbourhood for a beautiful didge)are in heaven and I think, when I look closely, I can see little tears of ecstasy in their eyes as Bob the didge master picks out hand made, perfect pitch, perfect tune, beautiful, balanced and tailor-made didges for them to try. Rob and Tal have totally different styles, and listening to them play on the didges of their dreams is fantastic. Bob is also obcviously a wonderful host and has allowed me to use his comuter (with awesome didging background) while the boys play in fantasy-land. ALthough there are none for sale right now (since they are in demand over the world, and Bob custom makes them anyways) it's just a session to get to know one another fore the future. Time to start saving! Maybe we'll start a get-rob-a-didge fund! heh.

Oops, I never said, but we are now in DArwin, in the tropical north and it's 25+ degrees, humid as all hell and REALLY NICE. We've dipped our feet in the north coast, avoiding all the box jellyfish and other fatal flora and fauna that seems to litter this place, and it's been great. We have rented bikes and pedaled all over and will do that again tomorrow. There is a man made, croc-free lake nearby so we can take a dip after a long ride later on.

Darwin seems to be a party town, with lots of drinkers and party animans, but Rob and I have been going to bed really eraly and getting up early to take advantage of the morning coolness. It's a nice town, but we're thinking lots about next steps, didge-wise and travel wise. We are finding out that to get to the natural home of the didgeridoo (yidaki) it requires many permits from the land council on Aboriginal territory, and the roads are flooded right now anyways. That leaves flying, which can be done, but is a bit of an expense, so we'll see how we go. We are also looking into maybe heading west, which was not planned. Who am I kidding, nothing is planned! But really there are lots of people who are travelling west to Broome and then on to Perth via the national parks and other naturally beautiful scenic areas, so we may see if anyone wants to split gas and go on a road trip. I also just want to say to any moms in the crowd, these are NOT PLANS, just IDEAS and of course we'll be safe. We are not swimming in the ocean even though we want to. We went to the Northern Territory museum and gallery and saw a huge marine display detainiling all the marine life that apparently works to gether to make the waters around here unbelievably fatal, with poisonous snakes, fish, insects, crocs, reptiles, you know, the usual.

So yeah, no swimming :)

It;s nice to kick back and relax a bit with no big plans to run away to the next place. I couldn't live in Darwin, but it sure is nice to visit.

Darwin pros:


* I can wear flip flops (personal to family: I had to buy new ones and they are NOT THE SAME. I still have my lone other one. I can't let go)

* Australia seems to have a policy on full fat dairy which means the ice cream is VERY VERY GOOD.

* Thursday and SUnday market with lots of food (see a theme?) and great music

Darwin cons:

* It's very very warm (smelly!)

* Breaking in new flip flops (don't ask, it's sentimental)

* Many many drunk people (thanks to soccer!)

Overall, Darwin's good stuff. No pictures this time as I don't have the camers, it's not my computer and it takes roughly a frillion years to upload on hostel connections! If we make plans we'll totally stop in soon. Thanks for reading up.



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