Lady Di...on her state visit... travel blog

Amusing sign at my guesthouse!

It's this adorable girls 3rd birthday today

More foot massages...Night Market

Miles of stalls selling the same, all offering 'good price, good price'!

Random climbing wall

Completely shattered, arrived at 6am and spent a few hours over breakfast chatting to this Belgium guy (who must be about 35) and looks like a proper hard-core traveller (he's been travelling for 5 years!) but he's the funniest guy i've met.

Try to drag myself around the city but am far too tired, (2 nights without much sleep really catching up with me) so decide to have a chill-out day and take myself off to some day spa where I spend the next couple hours having a body scrub and massage. Heavenly, but am amused to see signs up of 'no sex' in the massage room! And am further amused, when the body scrub doesn't avoid boobies!

Walked around this night market before giving up and having a very early night!

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