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Guard on Camel

Tomb of KA GMNI OYN VI 2340 BC

Hieroglyphic birds on the outside tomb wall

Hieroglyphics on the outside tomb wall

Hieroglyphics painted inside the tomb

Painted Glyphs inside the tomb of KA GMNI OYN VI 2340 BC

Servants painted on the tomb walls

The Master (largest figure) in the painting

Walking inside the temple at Sakara

The Step pyramid (first true pyramid)

Inside the temple at Sakara

The Step Pyramid Complex of Djoser

Pyramid at Sakkara

Step Pyramid at Sakkara

Step Pyramid at Sakkara

Temple at Sakkara

Kim and Mohamed at Sakkara

Complex wall at Sakkara guarded by Cobras at the top

Kim in front of the Dozier's Step Pyramid

Michael in front of the Dozier's Step Pyramid

Pyramid Construction

Pyramid Construction

Up close view of the pyramid

Pharoh Dozier

Dozier's complex

Steps to Dozier's throne

Ramps used to move the stones to build the complex

The path of the stones

Memphis Sphynx

Alabaster Sphynx

Giant Statue at the Gardens of Memphis

Kim and I with the Alabaster Sphynx

Rameses hand

Giant head of Rameses

Face of Rameses

The Colossus of Rameses

Making Carpets at a loom

Hand knotting the rug

Finishing a Carpet

Cleaning Carpets

The bent pyramid at Dahshur

Closeup of the stonework on the bent pyramid

An earlier pyramid at Dahshur

Antiquities and Tourist police on camel

Kim resting at Dahshur

The Red Pyramid at Dahshur

Closeup of the side of the Red Pyramid

The Red Pyramid

Another view of the Red Pyramid

Red Pyramid with a blue sky filter

Red Pyramid (note the steep angle of the pyramid)

Entrance to the Red Pyramid

Pyramid at Meidum from the 4th Dynasty King Sneferu


Making Papyrus step 1

Making Papyrus step 2

Papyrus Press

Today was a long day. It started with breakfast in the hotel. We had to change rooms at the last minute because of a leak in the bath. I had to move everything at the last minute after breakfast, but it got done. We then left at 8:20 instead of 8:00 am. We soon realized that our plans would be changed. We were going to Memphis, Dashur today and not to Giza. We also were going to the better shops for shopping. More about that later.

We arrived at the pyramid of Tete (spelling). Here we saw his pyramid and two tombs. I got to go into a tomb down a long narrow passageway at about a 33 degree angle. It was interesting and I am glad to say I went in. We saw many tomb writings and drawings. Our Egyptologist explained in great detail what each scene represented. He also explained about Egyptian art. The figures always have their legs spread to walk. They have two toes facing out and only one breast. Staffs carried in front signify working and are usually drawn behind the body. Most things are not in scale as the most important figures is the largest. Cows are always shown smaller than the human figures.

It was fascinating to hear about the various fish that were seen on the walls. This left a detailed record of what they ate and what they caught (fish, fowl and meat). It also showed wine making and perfumes. Perfume was the most precious of the treasures buried with the King. The natural perfumes give no one an allergic reaction. We will probably see this later on our trip. We saw many police with automatic weapons protecting the sites and tourists. Some were mounted on camel.

We left the site to see the temple at the step pyramid and the step pyramid of Joser. It was here that I realized my camera was over exposing by 2 stops. I corrected the problem and hope that I can fix the shots from earlier in the day. I would hate to miss the inside shots that I had taken of the reliefs in the tomb where I was not supposed to take photos. It is now a restriction because too many tourists had used flash. Mohammed watched for the caretaker and I shot pictures without the flash.

Anyway, I corrected the problem and the rest of the day went fine photo wise. I got to use some of the colored filtersat the first true pyramid - the red pyramid near the bent pyramid. We toured and kept a good pace. We stopped and got some bananas during the ride and cold water a couple of times. We also saw the statues at Memphis including the fallen granite statue of Ramases which is probably the best face and body of his that is preserved till today. We also took a small 15 minute nap in the air conditioned van when we got tired.

We then went to see how carpet was made. We bought a rug made of wool by hand to hang in the living room. I worked the price to my advantage and we got it. They were very nice, providing drinks while we looked. The silk rugs were amazing, but beyond our price limit. We liked one at about $400, but settled for a wool one with a different scene at $135 down from $180. From here our next stop was a jewelry shop. We bought Alison's cartouche in silver - gold is just too expensive. I also bought a silver cartouche. I looked and haggled for Kim and got her down from $180 to $150. We got cards with the alphabet and chains for the two silver cartouches.

A short step downstairs and we saw how papyrus was made. We bought some prints - one for Father Mike, one for Deacon Scott, one for the house and one to go with the rug. I also got 3 with the god of writing - 1 for Noel and 1 each for Jane and Chris. This will be great for the editors. We then returned to the hotel. Kim was exhausted. She slept while I downloaded pictures. I then went out for dinner. Pizza Hut for me and Mickey D's for her. Pizza is relatively cheap $6 compared to $10 at home. Mickey D's is about the same for a chicken sandwich. I then caught up with the diary. I wrote Dad, Noel and the editors. I deleted more spam. Tomorrow we go to Giza, the museum and the tourist bazaar.

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