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The girls in Phuket

The guys in Phuket

Our last night together!

The 14th we left for Phuket and spent one night in Phuket town. Not much there but cheap living ($9 a night for a room). Tyler got really sick with a fever and.. everything else that comes along with travellers sickness. We thought we'd have to meet up with the others later but the next morning he was okay to travel, sorta. We left in a Tuk Tuk and in Patong Beach in 25 minutes. Since the Tsunami, hotels are easily 4x's more expensive then town, the shop owners are 8x's more aggressive then before, the prostitution and transvestite population still in full swing and just covering more area now. The place made me sad before and even sadder now. They've sold out to white men, everything from their beach to their Women, Boys and Children. They're selling their tragedy in pictures, on DVD for 100 Baht and on T-Shirts. They've sold themselves and it's heart wrenching. I needed to leave. Tyler slept most of the time and the rest of us mostly sat by the pool and read. Tyler and I booked a bus to Koh Samui (East coast Thailand) for the 17th. Ken and Ying (Canadians) were leaving that afternoon and Keisa and Martin (Sweeds) were leaving in a few days from Phuket. I wish we could have spent their last few days with them but we just couldnt stay there.

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