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Part of Westminster College and St. Mary's Church



The man himself

The physical manifestation of "The Iron Curtain"

Inside the church

Interesting kneelers

Description of shipment and reconstruction of church




Left corner is the museum

Right corner is the library

Wax figures of Lincoln family greeting museum visitors

Journey 1 - pre Presidential years

Journey 2 - White House years




Fulton, Missouri is home to Westminster College and the National Winston Churchill Museum. This small but prestigious college is where Churchill gave his famous "Iron Curtain" speech on March 5, 1946. The museum , opened in 2006 on the 60th anniversary of that speech, is housed in the lower level of the relocated and reconstructed historic London church - St. Mary the Virgin , Aldermanbury. ( read very interesting account in my photos). Also on campus is a section of the Berlin Wall - "the physical manifestation of the Iron Curtain." This was a very worthwhile stop on my way to Springfield, Illinois.

On my last visit to Springfield I toured the magnificent state capitol building, toured the Lincoln home, and saw where Lincoln practiced law. My first stop today was the Lincoln Museum. - WOW! A museum for the 21st century. Kids with short attention spans could not be bored and adults were engrossed from the start. You could get as in depth as you want by reading every placard ( which is something Tom would have done) or you could get the gist and move on. I spent three hours because I got there late and they closed at 5 today. ( Not sorry I stopped in Fulton, however.) The interesting thing is the entry points - Journey one enters through the log cabin where you see Lincoln as a boy reading by the fireplace and it goes on from there. Journey 2 starts as you enter the White House . The first scene is the bedroom where Will is dying, then the cabinet room where they are discussing the Emancipation Proclamation, "the Civil War in 4 minutes", Lincoln at Ford theater with the assassin at the door, and then his coffin lying in state in the replicated state capitol rotunda before boarding the funeral train

Lots of info in between - no straight hallways - lots of curves and bends - I had to make sure I went into every one. Photos were not allowed anywhere except at journey entries. The murals of the battlefields, and other paintings are spectacular. Would have loved a picture.

Two very state of the art movies are shown - Lincoln's Eyes - a sight and sound presentation and Ghosts of the Library - a Holavision presentation. The last room is a Treasures Gallery.

Five minutes down the road is Lincoln's Tomb - a massive granite structure. Mary and three of the children are entombed here as well. Robert Lincoln, by request of his wife, is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

I just love history days like this. Springfield is the place to get your Lincoln fix!

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