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Chateau on the Lake

Table Rock Dam


Monday morning before Memorial Day weekend is a very good time to visit Branson. I understand that "in season" the traffic here is bumper to bumper. Today I breezed through town.

As I was driving to Table Rock Dam I saw this beautiful structure ahead. It turned out to be Chateau on the Lake, a very luxurious hotel. I drove over the dam to the visitor center and watched a 22 minute film documenting the dam's construction in the 50's. There is an outside viewing area for an up close look .

After the dam, I drove to historic old downtown Branson. I had lunch at the Farmhouse, a local favorite, then walked to Dick's 5 and 10. This store is huge and full of everything old and some new - trinkets, keepsakes, t-shirts, old time candy, socks, underwear - everything Woolworth's had when I was a kid.

Didn't take long to walk around. The downtown is not very big. The "strip" however, never seems to end - theater after theater. Must be very loud and congested in the summer.

Somewhere in my travels I lost my reading glasses. I am making do with over the counter readers until I hit Detroit. Sad to say, even 300 was not as strong as I need.

Loving my time in the condo. I wake up to birds chirping and I go to bed with crickets chirping.

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