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Stine Cove, looking west, that's Da Honu on the right.

Looking south at Isabella Lake. We get a little shade from the...

Looking east across the inlet. Not crowded and very quiet here. A...

We have white pelicans and blue heron around this part of the...

(Ron Writing) This morning we left Bakersfield and headed northeast to Isabella Lake. Our original plan was to move farther north up into the mountains but it’s still a little too early for the higher elevations. Most of the roads up there are still closed and the campgrounds that are open are still getting freezing temperatures at night. The weather chased us away from this area about 2 weeks ago before we had time to do all the hiking we’d planned. We hope to have some nice weather again so we can explore some of the areas further north up the Kern River.

We are at Stine Cove Recreation Area (free) for the night. We’ll probably stay here a couple days until the weekend crowd clears out of the Kern River campgrounds.

When we arrived shortly after noon the weather was beautiful with the temperature in the high 70’s and no wind. Later this afternoon we started getting some wind out of the west.

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