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Day trip to Marietta, Ohio

Scenic drive along the Ohio River

Beautiful old homes of Marietta

Loving the diverse styles

Mural of the city

That is a pretty tall building for it's age

Episcopal Church

First school in the new territory

Teaching moral & intellectual philosophy, later petroleum engineering

Some streets are still the old brick streets

One of the University buildings

Marietta Elks Lodge

We saw this and had to go inside

Larry took this angle of the top dome

So large and tall, we can't get it all in one shot

Above the main doors

The main alter

Sun light shining through the dome ceiling

Our Lady of Perpetual Help, 15th century Byzantine icon

Stain glass window of blessed Mary

Another view from in the street

The church Rectory (priest house/office) next door

Old brick streets surrounding the churches

Another church on this same street

Next to the Basilica, this home

Ornate Shipman Mills house

And down the street a little, The Castle

The Castle, Gothic Revival 1855 home

1st Baptist Church established 1836

Downtown Marietta

Muskingum River joins the Ohio River, across is West Virginia

Geese enjoying the river bank

Another amazing tall building

Another view of the Episcopal church

The boys enjoying the game on TV

Susie relaxing in her swing

Daisy says, don't forget me Mom

Saying our goodbyes in the evening, hating to leave

That's right, it's Friends

Gorgeous Ohio Sunset

After our morning walk, me with Daisy around the campground and the others a much longer walk (remember, I have a bum knee and Daisy has short legs) we decided to visit Marietta Ohio.

There are some old houses dating back to 1850 and earlier, amazing and huge. I loved the diverse styles and the fact that they are so well kept for their age.

We went to the Marietta Elks Lodge for lunch and a lodge pin, then went driving around town. There was a historical marker indicating Muskingum (the name of the nearby river) Academy that was established in 1797 as the birth of higher education in the Ohio Territory.

Some of the streets are still the original old brick streets from that era. There were murals around the city, and some fabulous old churches.

We parked and went inside to see the Basilica of St. Mary of the Assumption, after being amazed at the outside. It was so tall we couldn’t get a complete photo of it. It was beautiful inside and had domes in the ceiling as did the 1880 Polish Church I visited in St. Louis.

Next to the Basilica is the church rectory and across the street was several other churches. Seems that they built all the churches on the same street. Next door the other way was a house built in 1852, and down the street a Gothic Revival house called The Castle built in 1855.

We drove down by the Muskingum River which flows into the Ohio River and watched it flow quietly by while the geese enjoyed the river bank.

Back at camp we enjoyed the shade of the living area between the rigs. The boys were watching a game on the TV and Susie was enjoying her porch swing as chatted until we had a gorgeous sunset.

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