Helen & Nigel's Around The World trip 2013/14 travel blog

Hi everyone,

We had a fairly uneventful flight from New York to Montreal and then a final flight to London.

Neither of us got much sleep and with the five hour time difference we've been trying to stay awake all day so we can sleep tonight.

We're still getting used to the reality of returning home.

We found our house roughly the same way we left it and now there's a list of chores to get everything back to the way it was - the garden is going to be quite a big project!

We'd like to thank you all for following our journal. To those at home - thank you for keeping in contact with us and to those we met during our journey, we thank you for your company. Now it's time for you to plan your own trip? We've had an amazing time and have wonderful memories of the places that we have been to, the sights that we have seen, the things that we have done and the people that we have met along the way.

This is the last entry. If you would like to contact us you can send an email to -

Nigel - nigelchater2@gmail.com Helen - helenechater@icloud.com

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