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Seoul is such a huge and amazing city. I really didn't have enough time to see everything but I got to see a few amazing things and I would definitely go back there in a heart beat. The train system here is amazing but a bit overwhelming. The train system is a bit like Tokyo as there are many lines all criss-crossing but once you get the basics you will find it to be the best way to get anywhere. I ended up seeing a really interesting show that's a bit hard to describe. It's called Nanta and it's a show that combines music, comedy, acting, dancing, and food. It's almost like a food version of the show Stomp as the bulk of the show involves banging knives, pots, pans, chopping up food etc in order to make a really interesting sound. I have never seen a show like this and I can understand why the locals would go and see this show more than once :-). Here is a link to the Nanta site. I would also recommend going on Youtube and looking at a few videos if you are curious. Apparently this group has played all over the world including New York and Bangkok.

I didn't take all that many pictures of Seoul but I did take a few. You can see there here.

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