We spent from 8:30 to noon kayaking Lake Shastina. The lake was very calm and resembled a giant reflecting pond. Mt. Shasta dominates the Eastern landscape. The lake is just outside the small town of Weed. The towns of Weed and Mt. Shasta are like stepping back in time to the early 1900's--gingerbread houses, old storefronts, vintage cars. Lake Shastina is one of but a handful of lakes in California that allow housing developments. We saw many beautiful lakeside homes as we paddled the shore line -Lindahl Cedar homes. They all have spectacular views. It is a high desert setting and very arid in the spring and summer. Today was sunny and ideal with a temp in the low 70's and a mild breeze. Several small islands protruded from the lake and were loaded with seagulls,cranes,ducks and cormorants. an occasional pelican also dotted the mix The surrounding rolling hills are covered with sagebrush and grasses. There are occasional small trees. The lake was formed on dry arid land. Dr. Dwinnell arrived from Chicago in 1891 and in 1913 he damned the Klamath River to create a reservoir which could nourish was the surrounding farmlands for miles. Today the area is considered one of the top 100 retirement areas. We celebrated our experience with an excellent dinner at Lily's-a small cottage like restaurant with excellent food had wild Alaskan salmon and Bill had chicken. The neat part was that we sat outside Mt. Shasta as we had e on the deck and gazed at Mt. Shasta as we dined. Mt Shasta is 14162 feet high!

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