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Fishing Boats in Port...UNESCO Heritage Fort Site in Bkgrnd

Another View of Boats in Port

View of Fort From Front(Yes, Thats Tim)

View From Top of Fort...Port Below

View From Top of Fort...Remains of Old Slave Loading Pier Seen

Another View of Almina From Top of Fort...Market in Foreground

Hmmm, Who's This...Background in Brick Bridge Restaurant Where We Ate

Ghana: Being a largely Christian & English speaking country it stands out totally from all the rest! The missionaries have done their job, every town,city,and village has at least a couple churches: Assy of God, New Apostolic, Pentacostal, Jehovah Witness, United Church of Christ, 7th Day Adventist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist, Catholic, Mormon, and some I don't recognize...True Gospel, True Faith, etc to name the ones I remember seeing along the roads, plus many church oriented schools. Yes, we see a few mosques but they are by far the minority. While waiting to check in at the Presbyterian Guest House in Kumase I listened to school children singing a version of Father Abraham in which they sang a chorus "Only Christians get in heaven"! Businesses (called enterprises or ventures) are named to reflect the Christian influence...down just a few streets I wrote the names of a few as examples: Tell Jesus Photo Shop, In Jesus Name Fashions, Heroes of Faith Bus. Ctr., Anointing Beauty Care, Because He Lives Ent., Divine Stationary Store, Hope Electrical, Thank You Jesus Store, Sovereign God Elect. Ent., God is My Helper Venture!

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