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Blue Lake at Mount Gambier (left)

Blue Lake at Mount Gambier (right)

"The Jail"

The main entrance

Cell 20, our room for the night

The Bookwoman of Mount Gambier plus blue midget camoflauged as a rucksack

Cell Block Y

Sarah gets early release for good behaviour

Meanwhile Denis is kept back in the exercise yard

Sarah was caught smuggling some fish out and is detained longer

From the highest point Valley Lake with Blue Lake behind

It was quite a steep climb to get up to the highest...

The tower on the crater summit

The nature reserve had emus

Including 2 baby emus

There were boardwalks throughout the reserve

Red-necked wallaby

Some of the walkways went up in the trees

Swamp wallabies

A large male swamp wallaby (we actually got this close, no zoom...

There's that tower at the crater summit

Lakeside boardwalk

That's how we got so close to the swamp wallabies

The lesser-spotted Denis can be a little camera-shy

Bit of a con really, the town jail had been converted to a backpacker hostel where you can stay the night in one of the cells (double bed, toilet and heater). However, some of the staff seemed as though they may have been ex-inmates. It was an odd place to stay.

Mount Gambier was a nice town built on the side of an extinct volcano with three craters, two of which are now full of water. One is a weird blue colour for half the year due to chemicals in the soil and grey for the other half. We got blue heading towards grey. There were lots of nice walks and a nature reserve here as well which was fun. Still solid. We left the nature reserve and headed to Warrnambool in Victoria for the night, before commencing our Great Ocean Road drive the next day.

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