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Barry & daughter Liz

Me & Liz on the Vino

Hadn't really planned to visit this country but on realising you could catch a boat from BA and only took an hour decided i would come and pay a visit as so close...and i needed a break from BA's crazy nightlife as i obviously have no willpower to say no to going out, so thought i'd better get out!!

So i took off on my own for Colonia - an old Portuguese colonial town and is a world heritage site. It was a very pretty town with lots of colourful buildings - but unfortunately the photos probably don't do it justice as it was so grey and cold...the weather was just like england on a cold winter's day - horrible! I stayed in a prsion-cell like hostel that was so so cold, i wore all my clothes at night and 4 blankets and was still freezing! It was very quiet though and the whole town was pretty dead due to it being low-season...but fortunately i had met a couple of people on the boat over - Barry & Liz from the States - who i met up with in the evening and treated me to a slap-up dinner...very very kind and a big thank-you to you - was a lovely evening!!

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