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Wat Sainyaphum

The Wat

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Kataw Match

Sunset Over Thailand

Enjoying Beer Lao

After the big adventure we just completed, it seems appropriate that there isn't much to say about our stay in Savannakhet. We rolled in late but had no problem finding a room. Dinner was another challenge however. At 10pm most places were already closed up. The guidebook had recommended a great French joint but turns out the French owner had abused his Lao wife and needed to make a hasty departure from Laos. No more great French food here. Further down the road we did come across a restaurant, with live music to boot! The acoustic guitar duo was fantastic. They made Lao music sound really pretty as opposed to tonal and whiny and they also did a mean Eric Clapton. Ordering was a bit of an adventure in itself. The menu featured fondue so we thought that would be nice for a change. Soon we had a charcoal furnace on our table, plates of green leafy vegetables, dry rice noodles, and a tray of fresh raw meat and liver, topped with an egg. Fortunately we convinced the waiter to show us what to do with this treasure. Fondue Lao-style involved dipping all of the above into boiling water and eating it when cooked. Delicious, but not like chocolate fondue!

The next day we wandered about and took in the ever so exciting Dinosaur Museum. This area is apparently a huge draw for French paleontologists. The museum was tiny (still it employed at least 15 people) and showed some dinosaur bones found nearby and some rocks but we couldn't make out too much of the French and Lao captions. We also visited a wat, we thought it about time to include those back into the sightseeing routine.

Another way to while the time away was spent on the Mekong watching boys play a sport called Kataw thats a combo of volleyball and hackeysack. Amazing how they can kick the small ratan ball over the high net. And of course after watching all that exercise, we enjoyed a Beer Lao while taking in the sunset over Thailand.

Not much else to do here. Thank goodness they have fast Internet so we could get caught up on the journal.

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