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Ralphie from Christmas Story


second from bottom is prop gun from movie

towel dispenser in ladies room

I took Debra out for breakfast this morning as a final thank you for her gracious hospitality. There is a lot going on in Tulsa and I hope to return someday.

My drive from Oklahoma to Rogers, Arkansas was about two hours. Overcast all the way but no rain and the temp went down to 57 degrees! The scenery on the Cherokee Turnpike was gorgeous . The grass and trees at this time of year are the deepest green - the growth along the parkway was thick and lush but not out of control. Rolling terrain made for an interesting drive.

I did have two stops scheduled in Rogers but the weather was not conducive to do both. I opted to just visit the Daisy Airgun Museum and it was fun.

Clarence Hamilton, a watchmaker and inventor , invented the Daisy BB gun in 1882. The Plymouth Iron Windmill Company, in Plymouth Michigan, manufactured the gun and gave one away free with every windmill. The gun became hugely popular and the need for windmills diminished so in 1888 the company concentrated solely on gun production. In 1958 the company moved from Michigan to Rogers, Arkansas. Mostly assembly is done here now - manufacturing is "outsourced".

The 1983 movie, A Christmas Story ,was based on a short story called "In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash". The movie is set in the early 1940's when young Ralphie asks Santa and his parents for an "official Red Ryder carbine action 200 shot range model air rifle with a compass in the stock and this thing that tells time". The problem was the Daisy Red Ryder never had a compass or sundial on the stock - that was the Buck Jones model. Daisy agreed to put a compass and sundial on the stock of three Red Ryder guns that were used as props for the movie. The museum has one of the prop guns in a display case. The movie was so popular that Daisy decided to produce the Red Ryder model with compass and sundial for half of 1983 and all of 1984.

The museum is loaded ( pun intended) with information about airguns going back to Lewis and Clark. Lots of guns on display and a very informative audio guide is included in the two dollar admission.

I have two more days in Arkansas. I hope it warms up!

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