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2 mile driving tour of ranch

Museum (petrified wood in forefront)

fabulous exhibits

ancient pottery of the southwest

"Payday-Going to Town"

The Lodge



Woolaroc ranch is the legacy of Frank Phillips. It was designed as a retreat- a place where he could get back to nature. The name is a combination of woods, land, and rocks. Mr. and Mrs. Phillips entertained many famous politicians and businessmen here.

After I paid $7.00, a very reasonable entrance fee, I was given a CD to play as I drove the two miles to the Museum and Lodge. The ranch is 37,000 acres big. Over 700 animals live on the property including buffalo, water buffalo ,elk, and Scottish cattle, ostrich, sika deer, llama, wapiti and zebra. They even have a cross between a zebra and pony called a zony,

The museum is 50,000 sq feet big and chock full of artwork from Western masters along with artifacts from 40 Native American tribes that lived in Oklahoma. So much history - so much beauty. I spent a long time in the building and still feel like there was so much more to see.

The nine bedroom lodge is an elaborate rustic log cabin. Many stuffed animal heads adorn the lodge walls. I thought that odd since I had been told that Phillips was not a hunter. Turns out that whenever an animal on the ranch died he had it stuffed. The rugs in the lodge are gorgeous as were the many lighting fixtures and table lamps. We were only allowed to see a limited amount of the first floor. The rest is not available for touring.

The view from the front porch is that of Clyde Lake. The picnic grounds there are the original site of Frank Phillip's 1926 "Car Thieves and Outlaws Reunion." This was a day long party of business leaders, cowboys, Indians, and outlaws. Sounds like a hoot!

I truly enjoyed my day at Woolaroc. The museum alone was worth the trip - everything else was a super bonus.

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