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Graborg ancient fortification


The alvaret

Looking to the east coast

Eketorps borg

Recreated buildings

Ottenby nature reserve




At the south point of the island



King Charles X's wall

The west coast

Bronze and Iron Age grave field



Another view of the alvaret

View from ontop of burial mound towards the sea

Flying cranes

Today we explored the southern part Öland. The large proportion of the southern part of the island is a massive limestone plain known as alvaret now a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The island also has over 350 old windmills which were used to ground wheat for flour. The majority of the windmills were built in the 19th century. The mills were located outside the villages; often each farm had its own mill. The most common windmill was the "stubbkvarnen", where the entire rotating mill rested on top of an oak tree stump. At one point, there were as many as 2000 mills on the island. Driving along the road we came frequently across groups of windmills.

Another feature on the southern part of the island was old iron and Bronze Age grave fields some as long as 2km long. There were also several medieval fortifications ruins. The Gȁrborg ancient fortification, the largest on the island has 640m long walls. We also stopped at the Eketorp Borg, an ancient fortification from the era of the German invasions and the Middle Ages which now has reconstructed buildings depicting the time.

Heading to the most southern point of the island at Ottenby we passed the King Charles X’s stone wall which runs right across the island and was built in the 1650’s to enclose the deer at Ottenby on the King’s hunting forest.

At Ottenby there was the usual lighthouse but also the area is now a nature reserve. From the point we watched a mixture of birds and also seals basking in the sunshine.

Heading back to base we suddenly spotted a moose crossing a field, our first in Europe (this made Heather’s day). Further along the road looking out on the alvaret we also spotted cranes, flocking ready to fly south.

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