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One of the fly boys who come over us almost every day...

Called the boys to clean this thing before we head home in 2 weeks. It would take me forever fussing about "its too hot or cold" are there any sun spots. What way does the wind blow, possibility of rain or some other excuse. They had it finished in less than 2 hours $135, a price I couldn't turn down.

Weather has finally reached the max for us, reaching 28 - 30 C these last few days, had the air conditioner on for the first time today while the boys worked outside waxing this thing.

We played scrabble inside and I let Marion beat me again...LOL

I(Ed) caught the flu bug on Saturday hitting me hard sending me to bed for 14 hrs straight.I'm doing much better now after taking my colloidal silver. Hoping this flu will wrap up in 3-4 days instead of the usual week or longer.

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