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Martin's Cove Road



Devil's Gate

Independence Rock

Independence Rock

Short Stop

Oregon Trail


Alcova Reservoir

Can't Pass A Windmill!

It is another good travel day. Again, we only have a two hour move planned.

We leave Rawlins and cross the Continental Divide. We are in the Great Divide Basin. We decide that this is a route that we have not taken before. We watch for antelope.

We cross the Continental Divide again as we leave the Great Divide Basin. We travel through Muddy Gap. This is marked as a “pass” but it is just a gap in the mountains.

We are now back in familiar territory. We recognize that we are nearing the Mormon Handcart Center. We remember the side road we used when visiting here. We turn off the highway.

We pass Devil’s Gate and then Independence Rock. We make a short stop at the rock. I am still not going to climb it or walk all the way around it. It is a big rock!

We continue on past the reservoirs and make a short stop at Crazy Rainbow Lodge. This is where we go fishing.

We continue on into Casper. We recognize the back way to the park. We will be here for a few days.

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