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Port Clinton down to Hockingport OH

Okay, right off the bat, detouring

Detours are just an Adventure

Trough the old towns with really big churches

Ohio likes their white farm buildings

Okay, some are red

Old building is now a diner

Old home is now a business

Now approaching large areas of forest

Many lakes or large ponds

Oh Boy, we found Waldo !!

Passing by a large employer

And another large employer

The land is becoming hilly as we close in on West Virginia

More and more hills

And bluffs indicate we are getting closer to the Ohio River

Loosing altitude, gaining trees

Hills and forests as we near the Ohio River

Getting close to Coolville

Quilt pattern on a barn

Arriving at the Hocking River which flows into Ohio River

Now on a narrow road along the Hocking River

Lots of camping and boating along the Hocking

More campgrounds across the river

This boat looks like fun

We think this is our destination across the river

Crossing the Hocking with the Ohio River on the left

The Hocking flows into the Ohio at this point

Gary & Susie's coach and ours

Between the four sites is a living space

Living, Dining, Kitchen - outdoor living amenities

TV & Entertainment Center is hidden when they are gone

Walking around the campground, up river on the Hocking

Looking down river from the campground

View of more of the summer campsites next to the water

Everyone customizes their spaces

Some are nicely shaded with a dock

We decided since we were in Ohio, on our way to Pennsylvania, we could take a little southern detour to visit some friends that summer along the Hocking River on the border of Ohio and West Virginia near Racine.

Our journey took us on a little detour, but that was okay because it took us through some small Ohio towns that were interesting. We enjoy taking the small roads and scenic byways much better than the interstates. It took us through Columbus and more farmland. As we traveled away from farms and drew nearer the Ohio river, the topography began changing from flat fields to patches of forest, then bluffs and hills, then thicker forestation. And again, we have some rain following us.

Gary & Susie, who we met at our Garden Grove Elks lodge a couple years ago, are full time RV’ers who summer in Hockingport near Coolville, OH (also near Racine). They stay here during the summer and travel south for the winter. When we met them they were in Orange County for a son’s wedding, then returned for a grandbaby’s birth and visiting their kids.

They pay year round for their camp site, sharing it with two other couples who are not full time RV’ers. They collectively rent 4 sites, so if they have visitors they rent out the 4th site. It is a cozy four site set up. They have constructed a nice living area between the sites with a Kitchen and Dining area. There is a big TV and entertainment center that becomes hidden when they are not there. All the comforts of home with full hook ups, and a fourth camp site for visitors, like us. Sweet. It is along the Hocking River, but not at the water’s edge. We walked around and enjoyed seeing how different everyone created their campsites and shelters.

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