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In Lyon this morning we took a brisk walk along the river bank. It is a bit warmer and the sun is shining. Walked along to where the Saone and Rhone rivers come together. Many ducks and swans swimming in the river. I find it fascinating that when a duck stands on its head to eat its feet are still paddling! The current is quite fast and the ducks can just float down the river, we thought what a great time Josie would have!

During lunch we finally set off down the river towards Vienne.

Vienne is one of the oldest towns in France, very Roman. It was founded under the administration of Pontious Pilate. It became a Roman colony in 47BC. Over a period of 300 years it was invaded by the Burgundians, Romans, Franks, Lombards and Moors. in 1447 it became a part of France.

There are many Roman ruins here. We did a walking tour. We first came upon parts of the wall of the city discovered when the shopping building was being constructed. We visited the Gothic Cathedral of St. Maurice built between the 12th and 16th centuries.

We stopped at the Temple of Augustus and Livia built in 20BC.it has been continually used. At one time it was a church, a courthouse. A museum and a library. During the 19th century it was restored back to the original temple. Also located across the street is the Renaissance tower of the Palais of Justice.

We took a "Little Train" up the hill to Mt. Pipet (it was quite chilly and no blankets were provided). We passed the Pipet Cemetery on the way to the top to the lookout point and Mt. Pipet Chapel.

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