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Hampton Beach, NH

A pretty site, a pretty day

I liked the look of this building, don't know what it is.

Another pretty site at the sea shore

Lighthouse in York, ME

Hi All,

Well, here it is June 21st already!

Here I am back and want to get this sent today so everyone know we are doing fine. We stayed here in MA and did road trips to NH and ME along the eastern sea shore. The weather has been hot and humid around here the last couple of days, it's suppose to rain tonight and than cool off some. Thank god for air! Driving along the east coast is sure different than the west. You just don't pull over to take pictures because there are very few places to stop. This is one reason why a lot of my pictures are crappy, all is done through the window or windshield.

We had a good time drinking around and checking the sites , in fact we both enjoy that as to going into the big cities and fighting the roads and traffic. We spent most of our time in York, ME, it was beautiful! Sure is a lot of wealth around the east coast, the homes are so huge. Enjoy the pictures, some of the days may be a little mixed up, that's what I get for waiting so long between dates as getting this send out. There are days I wish I had not started this trip journal, time consuming with mostly poor wifi and getting the pictures ready to upload, should I take a poll, to do or not to do?

Hope this finds all of you folks well, we are.

I will stop yammering for now so I can get this sent.

Until later,

Jim and Kathy

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