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First view of the bay

Another view of the bay from the trail

The Alum work ruins

Coastline view

Looking to the south

Daisy enjoying the view at Robin Hood Bay town

A different view of the bay

Going down

One of the many small side streets

Looking across the bay from the town

Heading up

We left York and headed east to Scarborough. We had booked in for a week at a campground just outside Scarborough to allow us time to explore the Yorkshire coastline and the North Yorkshire Moors.

On our first day we headed out to Ravenscar just north of Scarborough. From Ravenscar you get great views of the coastline and Robin Hood Bay. We walked a trail called Raven’s View from the visitors centre along the Cleveland Way to an old Alum Works. In exploring the site we discovered that between 1640 and 1862 Ravenscar was a busy and important place. Here a chemical called Alum was produced from the local shale. Alum was important because it was used to cure leather and fix dyes in cloth as well as for medicinal uses. The extraction process was strange in that it involved burning the rock for months over huge bonfires then pouring human urine over the rock! The urine was collected from cities all over England (how we are not sure!) and then brought to the site by boatloads!

We all enjoyed the walk particularly the fantastic views and the interesting history. After lunch we headed round the bay to the small and quaint town of Robin Hood Bay. The town has narrow streets with pretty houses which almost tumble down the cliff. However this was a little bit of a mistake as it was a bank holiday weekend and so the town was heaving with people and dogs. We could not appreciate its beauty with the crowds and it was a little too much for Daisy who got too excited and wanted to bark and lunge towards all the dogs. (Some serious training needed here!). We made a hasty retreat.

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