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Gyeongju is one of the ancient capitals of South Korea and it is a place that I would highly recommend seeing for anyone travelling to South Korea. This town has quite a different feel to it from Seoul and Busan as it is quite small in comparison (about 250,000 people) so it feels a bit like a small town. I originally tried to see some of the sights using the local transportation (buses) but this was a bit complicated as nothing was in English and outside of town the frequency of the buses is so slow. I ended up taking a bus tour instead to help see many of the sights and it was fantastic. I ended up seeing large temples, cultural museums, and many different tombs. In Gyeongju they have large hills covered in grass that are actually tombs that have been overgrown and built in such a way as to be hidden from sight. I went into one of the uncovered ones and it was so cool to see how it was built and what was inside of it. I also met some very friendly people from South Korea that showed me some of the local food and tried to explain some of the tour sites as the tour was generally in Korean so I had to figure out some things on my own or read (if available) all of the English descriptions. I only spent a couple of days here but I really did like this town. I took a number of pictures of Gyeongju which you can find here.

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