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Just some flowers...

We thought about calling in regards to buying...........


Just imagine an Igloo Motel. Naa!

Mount McKinley broke through the clouds on the drive to Talkeena.

She's awesome! Better view than our 8 hour trip in Denali.

Mt. McKinley behind us.

This was the crowd that pulled over to get pictures of the...

A little further down the road we got another glimpse.

One more time.

Rest Area with Alaska Veterans Memorial.

20ft tall concrete panels, one for each branch of the service.


Wal-Mike has opinions.

Mike has everything.

Just not for everybody.

Not sure if Mike put it here or the neighbors.

Downtown Talkeetna

Visitors Center in Talkeetna

Caught shopping.

Main Street Talkeetna

Talkeetna River

Main grocery store.

Leaving Talkeetna....we picked Anchorage. Those are bugs on the windshield.

We left for Anchorage. We knew we would stop somewhere between Denali and Anchorage. Larry has a cold and 300 miles is just too much driving.

Our biggest excitement of the day was seeing Mt. McKinley! We spent 8 hours on a tour bus to get a glimpse yesterday. Today we really got a great view. We kept watching and could see that maybe the clouds were going to pass by and let the mountain glow in the sun. We came upon a pull-off just as it opened up. People were stopping from both directions and were like little kids. Passing around their camera's and trying to get the perfect picture. We did our best.

We stopped at a rest area that had The Alaska Veterans Memorial adjacent to it. It consists of an alcove with a semicircle of five 20-ft-tall concrete panels, one for each branch of the service. Very nicely done!

Next stop was the town of Talkeetna. It is a tourist town. The train with cruise ship passengers comes here along with many tour buses. Lots of shops and eatery's. We walked the town and went down to the river. On our walk back we decided to get a pizza and take back to the motorhome. Our thought was to find a place for the night and have pizza and beer for dinner. We got to the motorhome.. and ate it!

We ended up in the Walmart parking lot in Wasilla. The signs say "no overnight parking". There were 6 or 8 other RVs parked so were weren't sure what to do. We called the store and asked the manager if it was allowed. Her comment was "we are not suppose to allow it. However, we will not knock on your door in the middle of the night". So that's our third night in a Walmart lot.

Tomorrow - Anchorage.

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