Laurene's European Adventure 2006/2007 travel blog

road down to the port

the port

part of the town

island in the distance

we discovered this on our last day

Kaley, Diane and Clara

I walked down to the train station with one of the japanese guys. He was actually really nice and quite funny because he was so animated since his english wasn't the best. I hopped on the metro train to Sorrento. Took about an hour to get out to Sorrento. Not a fun train ride. Full of tourists going to Pompeii. And gypsy's everywhere trying to get you to give them money. Walked out of the train station and was immediately lost.

Asked an italian couple for directions but not sure if either of us really understood eachother. Oh well, after an hour I finally found my hostel. Checked in, dropped my stuff and walked around the town. Beautiful city right on the Amalfi coast.

Stopped into a Gelato shop to try my first real Italian gelato. Was so good. I tried banana, coconut, tiramisu and pistacchio. They give you a tiny little scoop of each to taste. I love gelato!

Headed back to the hostel where I met Kaley and Dianne. They are from Ontario. We ended up going out for dinner together. Wow, real Italian cooking is soooo good. I love being in Italy! They were heading out to Capri the next day and I wanted to get there too so we all decided to go together the next day.

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