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Kalmar Cathedral



The old Town Hall

Victorian Water Tower

Kalmar Castle








Model of original 12th century fortress

Model of 13th century castle

The 16th century palace

King Erik XIV Coronation Mantel





The Kings Bedchamber




The Chapel

Sun shiningf at last !

Today we went back onto the mainland to visit the town of Kalmar. The weather wasn’t particularly good but we thought we would make the most of the day.

From the thirteenth to the seventeenth centuries, Kalmar was one of Sweden's most important cities. In reading about history of Sweden there is often reference to the Kalmar Union. This was the joining under a single monarch the three kingdoms of Denmark, Sweden (then including Finland), and Norway the main purpose was to stop the expansion of the Germans into the northern Baltic region. The union remained in place until 1523. The treaty was signed at Kalmar.

As a result of its history the two dominant buildings in the town are the Kalmar Castle and the Cathedral. The Cathedral which was begun in 1660 but not completed due to wars etc until 1703 and is typically Renaissance in style although it does not have a dome.

The Renaissance Kalmar castle dominates the old harbour area. An original round defensive tower was built on the site in 12th century. At the end of the thirteenth century King Magnus Ladulås had a new fortress built with a curtain wall, round corner towers and two square gatehouses surrounding the original tower. Between that time and 1523 the castle was subject to 11 sieges as tension within the union flared from time to time. When King Gustav Vasa became King of Sweden in 1523 after the union failed the King set about rebuilding the castle into the fine Renaissance palace seen today.

Wandering the castle you could understand why it was never taken due to its extensive defensive walls and moats. An interesting castle.

By the time we wandered back to the car the sun was shining.

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