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Vadstena Slott



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We spent the day doing one of our ‘drive and let’s see what we find” days along Lake Vȁttern. It was beautiful sunny day. We discovered small pretty villages on the lake shore and a nature park with a road through an ancient forest and along the cliffs with lovely views of the lake.

We then found the small town of Vadstena with its beautiful lakeside setting which had once been a royal seat and important monastic centre. Dominating the town is the Vadstena Slott with its four round towers and a large moat. It was originally built as a fortification to defend against Danish attacks in 1545 by King Gustav Vasa but then became the home of his mentally inn son Magnus. It remained a royal palace until the end of the 17th century but then fell into decay and used as a grain store.

Further along the lake shore and more subdued was Vadstena Abbey which had been consecrated in 1430 and built as part of the convent and monastery established by St Birgtta and her daughter St Katrina.

We than walked through the old cobbled streets of the town back to the car.

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