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Picture of Mystery Castle

Boyce Luther Gulley


antique bedroom furniture

daughter Mary Lou

This place is 8000 square feet of crazy! Every room is on a different level!

Boyce Luther Gulley, the builder, was diagnosed with tuberculosis in 1929 and given 6 months to live. He lived in Seattle at the time and thought that moving to a warm, dry climate would help. I guess it did - he lived for 15 more years. He came here alone not wanting to expose his family to the disease. In 1930 he started building his "castle" and fifteen years later, after his death, his wife and daughter were notified that they inherited a place that they didn't even know existed.

There is so much info written about this unusual place( which is constructed almost exclusively of recycled materials) but the best on the net is DiscoverPhoenixArizona.com/mysterycastle.

Mary Lou , his daughter, lived here for 65 years and passed away in 2010. The castle has been featured in many magazines and a TV documentary won an Emmy in 1999. The entrance fee was $10.00.

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