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View from the bridge over to Djurgȁrden.



Small bible and water carrier from Vasa

Chequered board from Vas


Sailor's clothing

Model of internal of ship

The splendid bow of Vasa











Recreation of faces of bodies found on Vasa



Looking up from the bottom

Nordic Museum

Abba Museum






We made our second trip into Stockholm to visit two specific museums on the island of Djurgȁrden.

The first Museum was the Vasa Museum.Visit Vasa Museum

The museum contains the preserved 17th century warship, the Vasa. The warship was built on the orders of King Gustav II Adolf. On her maiden voyage on 10 August 1628 she sank in Stockholm harbour not far from her moorings. For over three hundred years she was preserved in mud until 1961 she was raised along with thousands of artefacts and the skeletons of around 30 people who perished when she sank. After years of preservation and restoration she is now on show- 98% original.

Walking into the museum the first thing that strikes you is the sheer size of the ship estimated to be 69m long, 52 m high and nearly 12m wide. The second thing was the detailed carvings on the ship from massive lions, royal shields and roman warriors to name but a few. In addition the extent of the artefacts recovered including a set of sails was amazing.

The museum was excellent with its detail exhibitions covering everything from the history of Vasa from construction to its recovery and restoration; the life and times when she was built; face to face telling the story of the people who died; and what has been learnt from the restoration and the ongoing issues of preserving her.

We both agreed that this is a must for anyone visiting Stockholm.

After a late lunch our second museum was the Abba Museum. This told the story of the world famous pop group Abba a favourite of ours. Although the museum was expensive it was worth the visit as we learnt a lot about the individuals of the group, how they had developed the sound and just how much impact they had. We even got to sing along with some of their songs.

Time had just whipped by. We had enjoyed both of the museums although very different.

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