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Another trail that we haven't walked yet

Very nice dirt road



Twisted Forest Trail

Bristlecone Pine




Lots of really interesting shapes on the Bristlecone Pines


A part of the Twisted Forest, Very unusual, like nothing we've seen








Near the end of the trail


Brian Head Overlook in the distance at 11300 ft


The end of the trail




Neat wood




Where we had lunch





Wild turkey crossing the road

Hawk spotted by Nancy


Bristlecone Pines are the oldest living things on this planet and they are in abundance at the high, harsh environment here in the Cedar Breaks area, and nowhere more than in the Twisted Forest that we visited. Also they co-exist with aspen, spruce and limber pines in this area, which rarely happens. At the end of the Twisted Forest Trail we found spectacular views of Cedar Breaks and the surrounding area.

The dirt road that we drove on to get there is very well maintained and passes thru aspen and pine forests that we found to be beautiful.

A big black monsoonal cloud full of rain seemed to hover near us as we walked the trail, but passed over us without getting us wet. These monsoonal clouds and rain seem to be a daily part of our life now. Some of these storms are pretty impressive with lightening, thunder, wind and at times really heavy rains. The changing skies are something else to watch as they move and change. Some of them are very threatening looking, but at the same time beautiful displays of nature at it's angry best.

We have found Cedar Breaks to be a very interesting and pleasant place to hang out this summer, and have made some great friends as well. We are very happy that we accidentally found this special place, and the opportunity to camp host here this summer. Another example of what can be found exploring new areas and places. We are ready to move on to new adventures, but will be sad to leave this special place and the many great people that work here.

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