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Mariefred church

Lake Malaren

Town hall

Old water pump

Gripsholm castle


Splendid guns

Over the entrance


The Village








We had a day of solid rain the day before so had done very little. Fortunately we woke up to better weather so decided instead of going back into Stockholm we would drive out and explore Lake Mȁlaren and the small lakeside village of Mariefred.

Dominating the waterfront of the village is Gripsholm castle .However before we explored the castle we wandered around this charming village and the lakeside. Dominating the actual village is the 17th century church sitting high on a hill. There were a number of pretty squares and narrow streets with wooden house.

From the village it was a short walk to the castle. Gripsholm Castle was named after Bo Johnsson Grip a leading figure in medieval Sweden who originally built a fortress on the site in the 14th century. After confiscation of mansions and castles by King Gustav I in 1526 the King tore down the original castle and built a fortified castle with circular corner towers and a wall, for defensive purposes. The castle was further reconstructed over the following centuries to give the appearance seen today. Today the castle houses the national portrait gallery of Sweden.

By just wandering around the castle you can spot the various ages of construction and reconstruction. Although a bit of a mismatch property it was very pleasing to look at.

From Mariefred we stopped several times along the lake to enjoy the views before heading back to base.

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