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The road down into Cattail Cove State Park, Lake Havasu in the...

Site #9

The boat launch area

A view of the boat launch and beach area from the trail...

A view of the park from the trail above

Bentley has a good eye on those ducks ....

And away they go

Hot air balloons, Friday evening, as seen from Mike & Barb’s campground



Heading out to the desert bar

We made it!

They are always adding on

The church at the desert bar



There is a lot of welded steel here, decorative and structural


Looking down from the hill in back of the saloon

And that’s the road in / out of the desert bar

On historic Route 66 heading into Oatman

The hills outside Oatman

Oatman, visitors welcome

Lots of gems for sale in this small old mining town

Main St traffic jam ...

One of many

... and this one can read

Wild West Shoot out



All right PaPa Tom, give up the treats if you want to...

During the beginning of January we kept busy with some activities and projects in the park in Yuma. Tom took a trip with Herb and Ginger back to the trap and skeet range and shot through one round of trap. It is a new sport for him, and for a beginner he did ok. Another trip back there is in the future. We also took Bentley to his first training class and we have some homework to do. He was so excited to see all the other dogs but didn’t understand why he couldn’t go play with them like at the dog park in our park. And on the down side of things, we both got stuffy head colds. Yuk!


Fortunately we both “got well enough” soon enough so we could make a short side trip to the Lake Havasu area. On January 11 we made the approximately 140 mile trip from Yuma up route 95 to Cattail Cove State Park which is about 16 miles south of Lake Havasu City (where the the London Bridge is located.) The 9th annual hot air balloon festival was going on over the weekend there in town and our friends Barb and Mike from Michigan are staying in a campground there in town too.


We got set up in the overflow parking area (just there for one night) and then drove in to town to visit with Barb and Mike. Barb had prepared a wonderful chilli dinner for all of us. The balloons lifted off from the park just across the water from them so we had a wonderful view of them! We had a nice visit and made plans to go to the festival on Saturday afternoon.


On Saturday morning we moved from the overflow parking area into site #9 in the campground. The park is beautiful. It has a small beach, a nice boat launch area, and several biking and hiking trails. In the afternoon we went back to Lake Havasu City and went down into the hot air balloon festival with Mike and Barb. It was a cooler and cloudy afternoon. We checked out a lot of the vendors tents and as dusk approached we picked out our dinner from several of food trucks and food vendors that were there. The balloons did not fly due to the weather, the the planned “Glow” event was still on for 6:30 pm. The Glow event is where the balloons are tethered to the ground, and they fire up their burners intermittently choreographed to music. In the dark of the evening they look like huge light bulbs blinking off and on! We had seen this from a distance Friday evening from Mike and Barbs campground, and looked forward to seeing it up close. It rarely rains in the desert this time of year, but just before the Glow Show, it started sprinkling, and the show was cancelled.


On Sunday Barb and Mike took us out to the Nellie E Saloon. Also known as the desert bar or solar saloon, it is located about 5 miles off the paved road and a vehicle with good clearance is needed to get there. Totally run on solar, open on the weekend from noon to 6 pm, October thru April. If you are out this way, stop in and see it. It is totally unique, plus the off road trip is beautiful as well. ( After departing the saloon, we went into Parker Strip and had a nice meal at the Pirates Den Restaurant which is located on Colorado River waterfront.


Monday morning we all took a drive (in the car this time, no 4x4 needed, to Oatman AZ. It is a small town on famous Route 66, about an hour north of Lake Havasu City. This used to be a mining town, and at one time had a population near 10k, but presently, the population is about 150. Many of the donkeys that were used in the mining operation, were let loose and live wild in the surrounding area. However, there is a good bunch of them that take advantage of us “tourists” and they freely wander the street and get fed way more than they probably should be. While we were there, we also got to see a group of three outlaws do a bank robbery and have a shootout in the street. What a site to see! The show was to to Benefit the Shriners Hospitals for kids, and was done by donation only.


Today, there was some rain in the forecast, so we decided to plan on staying in the motorhome. Maybe a good day to catch up on some cleaning and doing this journal entry. Well now, it started sprinkling last evening, rained some overnight, and has rained most of today, heavy at times. Our area is forecast to get over an inch of rain, and now has flash flood watches in place. This is very unusual for the area. Typically about 3-4 inches of rain fall per year. ( yes, per Year!) and most of that is late summer and early fall time. So to have this much rain at this time of year is significantly out of the ordinary.


2-ole-Buddies and Bentley

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